Love Letter to Self

February is an excellent month to recommit ourselves to ourselves.

After a weekend of chocolate, decadent desserts plus expressions of love and desire, it might be on your mind to reflect on your heart’s desire today.  For some, this Monday might feature a recapitulation of all that is wrong and missing in one’s love life.

So I would argue that we stop and consider:

“What IF YOU decided to become the best Love of your life?”

Yes, I said it. What if it (true love) were here inside of you and not out there in some other person? Sometimes we aren’t ready to admit that the love that we truly need is from ourselves.  In a recent worship experience, I realized that one of my biggest obstacles was giving myself forgiveness for all the ways that I put myself last. (We won’t go over those here…. but you know we all have list…)

What if your own ability to love and care for yourself was what you really needed? What if your acceptance of YOU in all your flaws was the Key to unlocking your own soul?  You deserve to love yourself better than anyone.  After the unconditional love of a Supreme Creator, you got next. You should love the hair on your head, the soles of your feet, and every stop in between. So don’t delay.  Start right now! Spend some time writing to your own heart’s desire.  “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….”

Yes, you got this.  Worst case scenario is that you need some practice because it has been so long.  How do I love me? I am making the time to do the things I love, and I am committed to unraveling myself from time commitment that bore me to tears and that work my first and last nerves.  More later…

So grab a pen right now, and get started..

Self Care is a revolutionary act!



Why start a blog about self care?

About 9 years ago, I started a company called Pursue Higher Dreams Coaching.  The goal of this was to 1) make money to feed my family and 2) to serve a need that I saw in my community to provide affordable academic coaching around standardized testing to middle class families.  Since then, I have learned a few things about myself, about business and served over 200 teens in the process.  While there is still a great need for individual and small group coaching, a bigger need in my community seems to be to learn how to love and care for ourselves: mind, body and spirit.  The #blacklivesmatter movement coupled with the death of #SandraBland (not to mention countless others) has  helped me to see the temporal nature of our existence on this planet.  If we are to live, we must create a space for ourselves to truly flourish regardless of who or what would rather we did not!

One my goals in this process of blogging is to share with you my own struggles and victories over the stressors of a busy family and professional life.  Secondly, this blog is place where I will share resources and articles that will educate and inspire readers to push themselves to take better care of themselves. Lastly, I hope to create a conversation that leads us to critique and change the systems that oppress us individually and collectively.

And even if we fail, I trust that we will feel better for having tried; after all, that’s was visionary care is all about.  As you pursue the vision that you have, I am further convicted to pursue my own dreams and goals.  The beloved and late Maya Angelou said it best: “When you know better, you do better.” So, let’s get to it!